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  Blended Instructional Coaching - remote, hybrid, and in-person

Is instructional coaching feeling harder this year with all the changes?

Well, you’re not alone. And I’ve just created a resource to help you navigate it all.

In this Pocket PD, we’ll chat about what Blended Instructional Coaching is and the three-step framework you can use to successfully get started.

As a full-time instructional coach, I’m currently doing the real, day-day work and I get it.

This is why I’ve designed this brand-new Pocket PD, just for coaches like you.

In Getting Started with Blended Instructional Coaching , I’m looking forward to:

  • Sharing my own coaching work as a case study in how you can apply the three-step framework to get started with blended instructional coaching
  • Motivating you to take on new challenges and learning this year with positivity 
  • Helping you create clear next steps for how to adjust and improve your own blended coaching work this year

I’m not perfect, but I have over ten years of coaching experience and I’d love to work alongside you. Let’s figure this out together!

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

1. Watch the Blended Instructional Coaching Video

  • Learn what Blended Instructional Coaching is
  • How to make sense of remote, hybrid, and in-person instructional coaching to plan your coaching cycles and coaching calendar
  • Tools and printables to you with your blended coaching work

2. Attend a Together Coaching Call

  • Join Ms. Houser on a Zoom call to discuss blended instructional coaching
  • Get answers to your questions about blended coaching
  • Connect with other coaches working in this new blended model

3. Download and Use Your 16 Coaching Resources and Printables

  • Fun and colorful printables to help you apply your learning
  • Inspiration for moving forward

Pocket PD Specifics

Instructional video
where we walk through how to get started with blended instructional coaching 
16 Printables
to help you plan and put your learning into action
Together Coaching Call (Pro & Elite)
to get your specific questions answered, and chat directly with Ms. Houser about blended coaching
Pocket PD Slides
 for taking notes and improving understandings

Coaching Q&A

Pro and Elite Pocket PD members are invited to attended a live, Together Coaching Call with Ms. Houser via Zoom to discuss Blended Instructional Coaching and get their specific questions answered. There will be various times offered and they will be recorded and shared, if you’re unable to attend. Additionally, there is a dedicated Pocket PD Coaching Question and Answer section for Pro and Elite Pocket PD members

Get direct, 1-on-1 answers to all your questions, as well as read from the growing list of Q&As from your fellow coaches.

Upcoming Together Coaching Calls:

  • Saturday, October 24th – 2pm ET / 11am PT
  • Future dates available soon.
  • You’ll be able notified by email of upcoming dates and times.

Pocket PD Plus


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  • 1 Year
    Pocket PD Access
  • 16 Downloadable
    Pocket PD Printables
  • Unlimited
    Video Streaming

Pocket PD Elite


per member

Note: This Pocket PD pricing is for single-seat membership.

Getting Started with Instructional Coaching FAQs

Do you offer Group Memberships?
Yes! Simply select the membership level you would like for your group. Then in the cart change the quantity to the number in your group. Discounts will be applied automatically. and I’ll work with you to get all members setup with access.

Do you offer Purchase Orders (POs)?
Yes, of course. Please email me directly with the level and number of members and I will send over a PO. Once payment has been received, I will help get all members setup with access to the pocket PD.

I’m looking forward to learning alongside you! Questions? Please email me at!

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