Walk Through a Coaching Cycle Workshop

Do either of these describe you?

Well, you’ve landed in the right spot!

In this 3-part video workshop, we’ll walk through a full coaching cycle together.

As a full-time instructional coach who went straight from the classroom into coaching, I totally understand those feelings of nervousness or uncertainty you feel when you’re just starting out.

And after five years of coaching, I also get that drive to always want to get better!

That’s why I’ve created this workshop, just for you.

At the end of our journey together, you’ll have that confidence and extra know-how you’re looking for to implement and execute effective coaching cycles.

Workshop Specifics

  • 3 Instructional videos that will walk you through a full coaching cycle, from getting started to wrapping up. This will also include model videos of me providing real coaching to a teacher this year.
    • Part 1: Getting Started
    • Part 2: Coaching Cycle Case Study
    • Part 3: Wrapping Up
  • Resources to serve as models/examples to build from
  • Planning & Action Taking Worksheet Printables
  • Workshop Slides for taking notes and improving understandings

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Questions? Please email me at workshop@mshouser.com!
And since I’m currently in the creation phase of this workshop, if you have thoughts on additional content you’d like to see included, shoot me an email and I’ll see about working it in!