5 Questions to Help You Reflect on the Year and Prepare for the Next

You know that song, “Schools Out for Summer” by Alice Cooper? {if not, you need to stop everything and go listen to it right this second} It’s become kind of a tradition of mine to play it really loud and jam out in my car ride home on the last day of school.

School’s out for the summer!

Woohoo, so exciting. While I’m all for a little singing out loud celebration at the end of the year, I’m also a fan of taking a minute to reflect on the year and think about how it went.

How was your year?

Successful, frustrating, awesome, overwhelming?

Regardless of what your current feelings are on the closeout of this school year, the past is the past. But get this: the really cool thing about being a teacher or coach is we have a whole new shot at it the following year. A clean slate, a fresh start.

So what will you make of it?

Once you’ve had some time to relax a bit and get some pool time in, use one of those more relaxed summer mornings to do some reflecting. Pour yourself some coffee, grab the printable below, and use the questions to help you think about where you’ve been and where you want to go.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.27.02 PM

Click Here to Download

Your wheels are already spinning aren’t they? Good! I hope you’ll share some of your goals or thoughts in the comments below.

Alright friends, happy summer to you all. I’ll be posting a bit less often, but I’ll still be around.

Thanks for being a part of this growing community of instructional coaches and teachers working hard to navigate our different roles and do our best work.



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